Kids Academy

The Kids Academy

The golf school currently welcomes 60 children (aged 6 to 17).

In a sporty, dynamic but above all fun atmosphere, young golfers discover and progress thanks to our team of teachers and volunteers.

Whether for leisure or competition, our pedagogical project focuses on the development of each individual.


Fostering a love of golf, enabling people to play independently, in competition or otherwise, and sharing our passion for the game, with an understanding of the rules and respect for each individual.


Technique lessons, acquisition of fundamentals. Practice on the course (for beginners or experienced riders), level promotion (flags, Opens, internal and external competitions).

The training courses

During school vacations, or on request

The Pic Saint-Loup Golf Academy offers courses for children during the school vacations. Outside school vacations, please contact the pros.

Courses are available by the day, over 3 or 5 days, and for all levels.

Depending on your child’s level: beginner, intermediate, advanced or elite, you’ll be offered a different timetable.

Individual or group lessons

Live bookings with teachers

Geneviève Thiault, Ilya Goroneskoul and Dimitri Mary all offer individual or group lessons for children.

Please contact the pros directly for more information or to make a reservation.